Sony: 2013 release for the PS4 in India

The PS4 will be releasing in India this year  itself, as announced by PlayStation India country manager Atindriya Bose.

Logistical issues might contribute to the delay of about a month in India but Sony is targeting a simultaneous launch in India alongisde other European countries.

Bose said,“It will be matched with the European launch; give or take a bit to account for Indian logistics. The consoles have to be shipped in advance and currently all consoles also require certification for the India market. In terms of targeting, we’re looking to synchronize with the European launch.”


When asked if the PS4 will face the same problems that were faced by the PS4 while arriving in India, Bose replied,“It’s unfair to compare the PS4 with PS3 because we have come a long way. With PS3, first the world launches took place and then we started looking at the other markets we wanted to go into. For PS4, it will have a timeline that is more aligned with what we had on PS Vita. Being a portable, the logistics had made it easier for us to launch day-and-date [with Europe]. Once we know the European date for PS4, we will work towards that, but there will be some gap, depending on the logistics.”

What do you think? Will a period of one month be enough to bypass the problems of the Indian market? Do let us know.