Sniper Elite 4 Gets Free Next-Gen Upgrade For Xbox Series X|S And PS5

Sniper Elite 4 players have received a free next-gen upgrade for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The Sniper Elite series has always been about gruesome and spectacularly detailed trick shots. Now, thanks to developer Rebellion, those sniping trick shots has never looked so good. Sniper Elite 4 players have received a free “enhanced” version of the game for next-gen consoles. 

Players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S can play up to 4K and 60 frames per second. The enhanced version of the game will also receive a massive reduction in loading times with the help of SSD hard drives. 

Rebellion is defining its next-gen upgrade as the “definitive” Sniper Elite 4 experience, which arrives four years on from release. Taking a peek at the explosive and gory trailer, however, showcases just why you should be checking out this upgrade. 

YouTube video

A Bloody Italian Vacation

Sniper Elite 4 takes its players across the beautiful Italian peninsula in a World War Two setting. And of course, the outcome of the war efforts hang in the crosshairs of covert agent and sniper enthusiast, Karl Fairburne. 

Players are really here for bloody slow-mo executions, however, and Sniper Elite 4 has plenty. With the help of the next-gen upgrade, its bullet-following chaos is smoother and nastier than ever. And with backdrops such as colossal Nazi megastructures, ancient forests and sun-soaked Mediterranean coastal towns, 4K will pair up about as nicely as a bullet and a skull. 

Credit: Rebellion

This next-gen upgrade follows on from Rebellion’s other game, Zombie Army 4, which received boosted performance back in April. 

Sniper Elite 4’s next-gen upgrade is available for free to all existing players right now across PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. To anyone that doesn’t own a copy, however, Sniper Elite 4 and its next-gen upgrade are included in Xbox Game Pass. 

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Featured Image Credit: Rebellion