Skyrim TikTok Star, Accused Of Murdering Wife & Her Friend, Could Get Death Penalty

Ali Nassar Abulaban, a TikTok star known for his “Skyrim IRL” videos, could face the death penalty after being accused of killing his wife.

According to GamingBible, Abulaban was arrested and charged for murdering his wife, 28-year-old Ana Marie Abulaban, as well as 29-year-old Rayburn Cardenas Barron. The incident occurred on October 21st at the Spire San Diego luxury apartment complex.

Police officers were called to the apartment around 3:10pm, where the victims were found dead in the living room. The police stopped Abulaban later that day. His five-year-old daughter was in the car at the time.

Abulaban has pleaded not quilty to the murder charges. As reported by Times of San Diego, Abulaban could face the death penalty if prosecutors decide to push for capital punishment, due to being charged for multiple murders.

What Led To The Murder?

Deputy District Attorney Taren Brest claimed that Ana Abulaban wanted a divorce, alleging that there was a previous instance of domestic violence. This caused Ana to push for the divorce, and she is said to have asked her husband to move out of the apartment prior to her murder.

Allegedly, Abuluban made a copy of the apartment key which he used to return there on October 21st. Brest also says he vandalised the apartment and installed an app on his daughter’s iPad to listen to his wife’s conversations. Upon hearing another man, Barron, in the apartment, he drove back there and broke in before killing both victims.

Abuluban allegedly confessed to his mother over the phone, as well as later to detectives. After leaving the murder scene, he went to pick up his daughter from school before being stopped by the police.

Before his arrest, Abuluban gained a lot of attention online through his “Skyrim IRL” videos. In the videos, he replicated animations or voice lines from the Elder Scrolls game in a comedic way. At the time of writing, his TikTok profile remains public.

[Featured Image Credit: JinnKid]