If you Shoot a dog in Red Dead Redemption 2 the whole town will chase after you

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out only a few days and people have already started shooting towns folks pets. That is if you shoot a dog in Red Dead Redemption 2 then the entire town will chase you down for what you have just done. Also as a side note you should be petting and praising the pets you see in Red Dead Redemption 2 not shooting them!

Dean Takahashi was lucky enough to play it early and accidentally shot an dog and had this to say:

On more than one occasion, I accidentally pulled the R2 trigger in the PlayStation 4 Pro version, rather than the L2 trigger. In this case, I was supposed to pet the dog, who was sitting on a wooden sidewalk.

Instead, I shot it by accident. (Let it be known I would never intentionally do this, in real life or in a video game).

People who witness Takahashi commit this crime then ran off to get the sheriff who in turn asked the player to leave town. Takahashi did as the sheriff asked but didn’t leave the town fast enough so the sheriff started shooting at him. Shooting dogs is a serious business in Red Dead Redemption 2.

This then caused the whole town to join in after a gun fight with the sheriff left the NPC dead.

That is one hell of a way to get a massive bounty on your head!

Takahashi then went on to explain that he paid off his bounty but the characters still held the grudge against him for his dog shooting crimes.

I figured that would be enough. But as I walked through town, the townspeople reacted negatively to me.

One said, “We remember what you did.” Even though my weapon was holstered, I wasn’t welcome at the stable in that town.

“Oh, it’s you,” said the stable owner.

(Via Unilad)

Many people have also run into issues when ‘accidentally’ hurting dogs in the game.

Makes you feel so bad.

TLDR: Do not shoot dogs in Red Dead Redemption 2, nothing good can come of it.