Samsung Unveils Insane 219-Inch TV Called ‘The Wall’

Samsung has gone and unveiled the mother of all television sets, and it’s SO big that it’s even been given its own name: The Wall.

The TV is a full 219 inches of pure joy, and Samsung showed off their latest creation at the CES technology expo in Las Vegas. Whether or not you’re having Fortnite battles with your friends, or wanting to binge-watch episodes of Bandersnatch and YOU on Netflix, one thing is for certain – you’ll be the talk of the town if you manage to ever get your hands on one of these badboys.

It's one hell of a big TV. Credit: Samsung

[Photo Credit: Samsung “The Wall”]

A bit like having an in-home projector, sometimes bigger doesn’t always mean better – and you might be forgive for thinking surely stretched this big that the image quality wouldn’t be to the best scratch, but according to AnandTech, it’s better than 4K thanks to Micro LEDs.

A statement from Samsung reads: “These transformative TV displays are made up of individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light to produce brilliant colours on screen.

“The Wall 2019 takes personalisation to the next level, with modular panels that consumers can position in any size or shape to meet their needs.

It certainly lives up to the name 'The Wall'. Credit: Samsung.

[Photo Credit: Samsung “The Wall”]

“These next-generation modular Micro LED displays harness self-emitting technology to create elegant, efficient and powerful screens that are liberated from the limitations of existing technologies.”

Now, if that’s all a little bit too much for you in the inches department, then Samsung has also released a brand new smaller scale (to be fair, you can hardly call it smaller) television dubbed The Window, which comes in at a whopping 75inches. While that for me would already be an extremely big upgrade on my current little 22-incher, it’s more ideal for those who want to go bigger but not take up an entire wall with your telly. Wow, imagine the electric bill with something as big as The Wall.

There’s still no update on how much the television(s) will cost, but judging by the size and magnitude of all of the new editions, it’s going to take a couple of pay-checks to even be in the running to buying one.

[Featured Image Credit: Samsung “The Wall”]