Samsung Unveils Insane 219-Inch TV Called ‘The Wall’

Samsung has gone and unveiled the mother of all television sets, and it’s SO big that it’s even been given its own name: The Wall. The TV is a full 219 inches of pure joy, and Samsung showed off their latest creation at the CES technology expo in Las Vegas. Whether or not you’re having Fortnite … Read more

Are You Ready to Play Games Directly on Your Eyeball?

The future is officially here, ladies and gentlemen. The government of South Korea has just approved a patent for Samsung’s latest futuristic technological advancement– smart contact lenses. Samsung’s patent puts them on a level playing field with tech giant Google, which has 2 patents for similar hardware. The contact lenses, which will project images directly … Read more

Samsung gets GTA V Note 7 video taken down due to ridiculous reason

Image: Modded Games After several incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s spontaneously combusting and overheating, Samsung recalled all sold units of the smartphone. Since then, the phone has been one of the most notoriously discussed technologies on the internet. Some hilarious person even made a mod which added Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Grand Theft Auto V as … Read more

This GTA 5 Mod Adds Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The internet went nuts after hearing about Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s propensity to spontaneously explode, and a clever GTA modder named HitmanNiko decided to recreate this in GTA V. Essentially the Samsung phone becomes a skin for a sticky bomb. Multiple reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones exploding, injuring a 7 year old boy … Read more

VR Minecraft Finally Arrives on Samsung’s Gear VR headset

Oculus has just announced that the ever popular game, Minecraft, is now available on Samsung’s Gear VR headset. The official name of the VR version is called Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. No need to worry about this version of the game lacking in content; VR players will still be able to enjoy multiplayer, survival, and … Read more