Rumor: PS4 Launch Title DriveClub Delayed Until Next Year

It is unconfirmed as of yet, but there are rumors swirling around that DriveClub will no longer be a PlayStation 4 launch title and be delayed until Spring 2014. The rumor spawned from a website called The Same Coin, where they report that an “anonymous source” has told them that DriveClub will be delayed. Since then Kotaku has managed to get a hold of a source familiar with the “goings on at Sony” and confirms the news.

Furthermore, at a San Francisco event DriveClub was no where to be seen, despite it showing up on the listing previously. However, DriveClub Design Director had this to say on twitter:

“Unfortunately guys I don’t have any new information on DRIVECLUB to share. I’ve been out if the office for a week looking after my newborn!”

Sony as usual says it “does not comment on rumor or speculation.” For their sake one hopes it isn’t true. With Watch Dogs already delayed, this would open a huge hole in Sony’s launch lineup. It removes a racing game, something Sony has always launched a new console with since the beginning. Where Watch Dogs affected everyone equally, DriveClub is a Sony exclusive. They were even offering deals to grant access to PlayStation Plus members.

Do remember, that this is mere rumor and could turn out to be nothing at all.