Rollers of the Realm Heading To PS4 & PS Vita

The upcoming video game by Atlus is none other than Rollers of the Realm. This is a new twist to the pinball virtual video games we have became use to. See how Atlus is changing things up and check out the latest screenshots.

Rollers of the Realm takes the old pinball video games and instead of you just wracking up points, you now have clear objectives. There will be a story attached to the game as you progress through the story, new objectives will be unlocked which spans out to a total of six chapters.

Another difference you may spot is that there is no silver ball. Instead, players will have characters with their own abilities and attributes that will be used within the game. We’re still a bit curious as to what all Rollers of the Realm will contain and just how it will play. We’ll keep an eye on this title during E3 but for now, check out the screenshots for the upcoming PS4 and PS Vita title.