Roblox Condos – How To Keep Your Kids Safe

Roblox is arguably one of the biggest digital platforms right now. It was originally designed with giving kids a space to flex their game design and development skills, but there’s been a well documented rotten core growing inside the bowels of its games listings. We’re talking about Roblox Condos.

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Roblox Condos – What are They?

Whilst we won’t be showing our readers how to find Roblox Condos. We did however want to make them aware of Roblox Condos and potential signs of use for families. Roblox Condos are custom games that players can access that contain foul and racist languages alongside adult themes and acts being performed by in-game characters.


Long story short, they are not safe places for your kids and other members of the family for obvious reasons. Given that Roblox is supposed to be a child-focused platform, these horrific games keep cropping up. The Roblox Corporation are mostly quick to act on taking down these games which makes them harder to find, although Roblox users have come up with various other methods of locating Roblox Condos and servers.

Signs To Look Out For – Roblox Condos

Again, we do not condone the use of these Roblox games and we don’t want to promote them. What we want to do is empower parents to look out for signs of their kids using Roblox Condos. Here are a few tips:

Get Involved

One of the easiest ways to check what your child is up to on Roblox is to play with them sometimes. Not only is it a good way to bond, but you can check in on their creations, private messages, friends list and purchase history. All of these sections of Roblox may have clues about Roblox Condos activities, so make sure to keep an eye on things.


Don’t Use Real Names

Make sure your child is using a fake name and knows to never give out any real-world information such as addresses, payment details etc. 

Discord and Telegram Use

Roblox Condos group operate on apps and service that promote anonymity, such as Discord and Telegram. Make sure to check on which groups a child is a member of when using these services.

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Simple Safety Checks – Roblox Condos

Whilst looking out for issues or anything usual can be super helpful, having best-practice internet safety in place will always pay off. Here are some that apply to Roblox:


Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Roblox thankfully has two-factor authentication services enabled. This means users will receive an email with an additional passcode when logging in to help keep their account safe. For younger players, it might be worthwhile setting the account up with a parent’s email as they can control two-factor authentication requests.

Unlist Social Media Accounts

Even if a child uses a fake name and details on social media, it’s still not ideal to have social media accounts listed on their Roblox account. If a child does enter a Roblox Condos game, at least whoever tries to make contact won’t have hold of their social media accounts.

Keep An Open Line Of Communication

The most important point here is making sure kids know to tell their parents if they have a bad or strange experience online. Tell them what to look out for and when to go seek a parent’s advice. We want to prevent bad experiences online for our children as much as possible, but we also need to make sure they are prepared to deal with any red flags.


If any of the topics discussed in this article have negatively impacted you, there are people out there who can help.

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