Report: Activision Planning To Release Modern Warfare 2 Remaster This Year

Call of Duty: World War II is turning out to be a great Call of Duty game. With many people saying it is the best Call of Duty Game since the early modern warfares.

Many fans saying that they would much rather see the world war era style. As apposed to combat rather than the futuristic jumping around ‘Halo style’ combat that we have seen in recent years.

What better contender for a remaster than Modern Warfare 2, which many Call of Duty and FPS game lovers consider to be the best multiplayer shooter ever made.

CoD MW2 remaster

It also makes sense for Activison to do this since the inclusion of a MW1 remaster exclusively with last year’s CoD release has done wonders to the number of copies it has sold.

However, we know that Sledgehammer Games is going to release next year’s Call of Duty title and as far as remasters go, the obvious choice should be Modern Warfare 3 for them. Right? Wrong.

For one, Sledgehammer won’t be developing the remaster, the development duties would be handled by another studio (same formula as last year) and it’ll make a lot more sense to dish out a MW2 remaster then MW3 and break the chronological order.

Going by the success and reception of the Modern Warfare remastered this year, which has even outshone the main game in many aspects, here’s a potential release schedule for upcoming remasters of Call of Duty games.

2016: Infinity Ward – Infinite Warfare & Modern Warfare Remastered.
2017: Sledgehammer Games – CoD WW2 and Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.
2018: Treyarch Games – Unknown Call of Duty game & Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.
2019: Infinity Ward – Unknown Call of Duty game with Modern Warfare 3 Remastered and Modern Warfare Remastered Trilogy.

Although this sounds too good to be true but Activision is a business-minded company and this will make perfect business sense for them. You should not be surprised if you get a Modern Warfare 2 remastered tied exclusively with this year’s standalone Call of Duty title.

We wouldn’t be complaining either.