Release Date For The Last Of Us 2 Reportedly Leaked

The Last Of Us 2 is going to be the next huge PlayStation exclusive, and even though it’s got some pretty big boots to fill, the whole damn world is more than ready to see what Ellie’s been up to since TLOU released.

Although Sony has yet to confirm a release date for the upcoming game, a very curious Amazon listing is showing a date that people believe could be the launch of The Last Of Us 2.

Found on the Italian Amazon website, the listing for the game shows a release date of 29th March 2019.

Credit: Amazon

Is this the real release date for the title? No. Probably not.

It’s pretty common for retailers to put a placeholder date onto product listings that are yet to get a confirmed release date. In fact, the US Amazon currently shows off a release for the upcoming Hideo Kojima game, Death Stranding, as 31st December 2018.

Credit: Naughty Dog

How do we know that’s not the case? Kojima himself tweeted photos of the Japanese cast recording their lines just a few days ago, so no, the game probably won’t be ready in a few days’ time.

The same is likely for TLOU 2 – we only got new footage of the game a few months’ ago at E3 2018, and Naughty Dog isn’t exactly known for its surprise launches…

Credit: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is almost known for the opposite in fact. The majority of its larger releases have been given a release date which the company has then pushed back to make sure the finished project was perfect. This was the case with Uncharted 4 and with the first The Last Of Us.

With next-gen consoles on the horizon and slated for a 2020 release, fans are pretty convinced that Sony will hold out on releasing the game so as to launch it alongside the PlayStation 5.

If this is the case, we might have a long wait on our hands!