Red Dead Fans Think They Have Worked Out Who Jack Marston’s Real Dad Is

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Credit: Rockstar Games

Jack Marston isn’t the most important character in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption, but the mystery of who his parents are has been baffling players for a while now.

Although it’s commonly accepted – and even encouraged by the games – that Jack is the child of John Marston and Abigail, some people are starting to believe there might be more to his lineage than meets the eye…

A Reddit user by the name of Titus1909 posted the following image, under the title “Is Javier the father of Jack Marston?”

Is Javier the father of Jack Marston? from r/reddeadredemption

The side-by-side of the two characters definitely highlights a pretty uncanny similarity, and the text comparisons definitely lean towards some pretty big hints about lil Jack, and it’s spawned a load of theories.

Credit: Rockstar Games

One Redditer commented on the thread: “Besides him being attractive as hell, he’s also more of a father to Jack than John is for a good portion of the game. His interactions with the kiddo is sweet enough to give me diabetes.”

Another added: “I think he is John’s and they fully intend Jack to be his kid regardless, but they throw these tidbits in there just to make people talk.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

It’s an interesting point!

Who do you think Jack Marston’s real father is? Javier, or John?

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