A New Xbox Gamerscore World Record Has Been Broken

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The Guinness World Record for the highest Xbox Gamerscore has been broken – by the guy who owned the title the first time around.

Credit: Microsoft

Ray Cox, who goes under the gamer tag of Stallion83, held the previous world record and is known for the being the first person ever to hit one million points when it comes to Xbox achievements. Now, he’s beaten even himself, raising his Gamerscore to a whopping two million.

Nice job, Ray Cox!

Credit: Microsoft

According to Xbox leaderboard website, True Achievements, Stallion83 is sitting pretty comfortably at the two million mark, with the number two spot going to a user named Smrnov, who currently has a Gamerscore of 1,960,438.

Speaking to Guinness World Records, Cox explained: “Halo is my favourite [sic] franchise so when I fired it (Halo: The Master Chief Collection) up while searching for a game, it hit me that it should be the game I use.” [via Kotaku].

Credit: Microsoft

Celebrating his achievement on Twitter, Cox writes: “13 years ago today I fell in love with Xbox achievements after unlocking “Cluster Buster” in Hexic HD for 5 G. Last night I unlocked this achievement in @Halo MCC that put me at exactly 2,000,000 Gamerscore. This is how I express my passion that burns from within for VIDEO GAMES”

You can check out his Twitch stream right here.

Credit: Microsoft

What’s your Xbox Gamerscore sitting at right now? Are you aiming to beat-out Cox for the three million?

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