The Live Action Lion King Teaser Trailer Has Absolutely Blown Fans Away

There’s been mixed reception to the idea of a live action version of The Lion King, but the recently released teaser trailer seems to have gotten fans pretty hyped.

Credit: Disney

In the world of reboots and revivals, WHY fix something if it isn’t broken? Yes, I’m all for creating versions that fit within the current world that we’re living in if their views are outdated (which in an older Hollywood is very likely), but if it’s just a harmless animated film with lions, filled with an Elton John soundtrack then there really doesn’t need much changing or adjustment.

BUT, I will be the first to officially eat my words, as I have SEEN the trailer and I can happily say that it is everything I never knew I needed and more. If you haven’t gotten around to watching, then take a little look.

YouTube video

How beautiful is that? I’m so excited, and judging by social media I’m not the only person who was left wanting more after watching the video online.

The film, due out in 2019, has one of the best casts out there, including the likes of Beyonce, Seth Rogen, and the return of the one and only Mufasa, James Earl Jones.

Credit: Disney

Are you excited for The Lion King?