Rainbow Six Quarantine Renamed To Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft has officially announced Rainbows Six Extraction, the PvE horde shooter formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine.

YouTube video

Extraction’s premise is built upon the framework of Rainbow Six Siege. Specifically, the Outbreak game mode included in Siege as a limited-time event in 2018.

In that event, teams of three had to face off against an alien invasion as they accomplished various missions. We don’t yet know how close Extraction’s gameplay will mirror that event, but we’ll found out at the Ubisoft Forward event this Saturday.

A crowd of characters charging towards each other
Credit: Ubisoft

Patrik Methe, the Creative Director of Rainbow Six Extraction, describes what the game is all about:

“We took the strong foundations of Rainbow Six Siege and crafted a modern tactical co-op shooter where you’ll be facing an always evolving alien threat. You’ll have plenty of different challenges to overcome but will always have one goal in mind: making sure no one gets left behind. It will be up to you and your squad to decide when to push forward, or when to extract. As you will soon discover, extraction is truly the name of the game.”

YouTube video

Much of this description sounds similar to the Outbreak game mode included in Black Ops: Cold War. In that game, you must fight through hordes of zombies while completing missions and hopping between different locations.

Quarantine hits different these days, huh?

Extraction was originally teased at E3 2019 and has finally re-emerged after a long period of radio silence. A change of name arrived due to the COVID-19 pandemic which the Ubisoft team thought would be distasteful given the global situation.

YouTube video

Safe to say, we’re very excited to see more of Rainbow Six Extraction. Siege has taken off massively over the last five years with its esports scene booming. It’ll be interesting to see how the Ubisoft team has created this spin-off title from the basic Siege template.

The gameplay trailer is set to premiere during the Ubisoft Forward event on Saturday 12th June at 8PM BST. It’ll kick off a whole weekend of E3 shenanigans after the event was cancelled last year due to COVID-19. 

Will you be watching the Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay this weekend? Let us know across our social channels.

[Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft]

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