PUBG’s PlayStation 4 Release Date Has Been Announced

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is still one of the most popular PC games of the year, despite going head-to-head with the likes of free-to-play (sort of) battle royale-focused Fortnite.

Credit: PUBG Corp

The two games have been dominating the PC market, but as Fortnite‘s made its way to pretty much every platform available (including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and finally Android), it’s getting player numbers that PUBG could really only dream of.

As of now, PUBG is available on Xbox One and is available on mobile, but it’s still nowhere near as accessible as Fortnite.

That might all be about to change though, as PUBG is finally coming to the PlayStation 4 in just a few weeks’ time. Hooray!

Credit: PUBG Corp

Sharing the news across its social media channels, Sony confirmed the announcement with a nice little trailer, which you can check out below. 10/10 to Sony for the Nathan Dark and Ellie skins also.

YouTube video

PUBG will be released on PlayStation 4 on 7th December 2018, with a few different editions to choose from. The base game will set you back $30, “Survivor’s Edition” will sell for $50 and a “Champion’s Edition” will retail for $60.

The two special editions will include bonus G-Coin as well as in-game rewards, and you can put in your pre-order right now.

Credit: PUBG Corp

Not everyone is impressed with the news though, with lots of people claiming PUBG has missed the boat on its console releases.

Responding to Sony, one Twitter used said: “No one cares lmao, PUBG dig their grave when they didn’t release on PS4, blackout is better and 100 times more polished and Fortnite is more fun, soooo PUBG can stay on Xbox lmao even h1z1 for console is better.”

People are also taking issue with the fact that 7th December is the date that Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases, complaining that they won’t be able to buy PUBG because of Smash.

What do you think about PUBG on PS4? Great news, or late news?