PSG: Pre-E3 Day 4

EA (Electronic Arts), the third largest gaming company in the world is presenting at the E3 Press Conference on June 10th next week. Their showcase has been confirmed and the event will be premiering at 3pm PT.

The President of EA labels states that the conference “will be a showcase of next-generation games like Battlefield 4, Need For Speed, a full range of EA Sports games and a first look at our plans for the Star Wars partnership with Disney.

The Battlefield series has been successful for EA, and it has been confirmed by DICE that Battlefield 4 is premiering at E3. Fans are certainly excited and we hope to see game play footage with the next-gen consoles.

Other games such as Need For Speed: Rivals, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, has been confirmed to be at the E3 press conference, and we would hope to see game play with those games as well.

Since EA has bought the rights to Star Wars from Disney, they are planning to present an idea of what they are going to do to the popular franchise series. Many fans are hoping for the reveal to be a Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game.

We are expecting to see Madden and FIFA make an appearance with upgrades for the next-generation of gaming. On top of that, we hope to see EA step up their game and come out with newer different titles.

Gibeau adds on, “regarding next generation consoles, we are under a non-disclosure agreement with our platform partners. However, we’re planning a full reveal at E3 including more next-generation titles in development for fiscal year 2014. This will include breakthroughs in graphics and gameplay for some of our biggest franchises including Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and Need for Speed.”

What are you fans hoping to see from EA at E3?

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