New Need for Speed game confirmed not to have this most hated feature

Need for Speed 2015 was by no means a terrible game. It made a valiant effort to try and recreate the immersion that Fast and Furious fans crave, while still trying to deliver plenty of entertaining events. According to the publisher, the next entry in the series will not have such commitment. Image: YouTubeElectronic Arts announced that … Read more

Need For Speed Logic

We’re not bashing on Need for Speed the game, we’re just saying their’s somethings that could use a bit of work. One of the many things is that you’ll be driving along and you see a fence. Your natural instinct is to go through it right? NOPE have fun messing up your car and being … Read more

PSG: Pre-E3 Day 4

EA (Electronic Arts), the third largest gaming company in the world is presenting at the E3 Press Conference on June 10th next week. Their showcase has been confirmed and the event will be premiering at 3pm PT. The President of EA labels states that the conference “will be a showcase of next-generation games like Battlefield … Read more

New Need for Speed title to revealed tomorrow

After teasing a new image of the new Need for Speed game, EA  is now preparing to announced the next entry in the Need for Speed franchise tomorrow. An image was attached on their  official Facebook page, along with the words: “The Rivalry Begins. Learn More on May 23rd.” image can be view down below. … Read more

EA reveals teaser image for probable new Need for Speed game

EA has released a teaser image for what might be a new Need for Speed game. The screen certainly looks tailored for next-gen consoles. Expect an E3 announcement for it. The game is bound to be in development for next-gen systems including the PS4. The developer of the game remains a mystery so far but … Read more

Next Need For Speed title will not be “Underground”

Criterion’s creative director Alex Ward has confirmed on his tweeter account earlier today the team has “moved on” from a remakes and reboots. Yesterday we reported  the next Need for Speed title could be Need for Speed: Underground after an image logo of the game’s were sent to egmnow by an “anonymous source”  it turn out to be a false statements. But  an“unannounced racing title”is listed in LinkedIn under several Criterion … Read more

New Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer is Awesome

The latest Need for Speed: Most Wanted video shows how players will be able to drive any car that they find during their playthrough. There are some cars featured in the video including the likes of Aston Martin V12 Vintage and the Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. The game will be releasing for PS3 … Read more