PS4 will be much more PC driven – Crytek

During an interview with Crytek, they believe next-gen consoles will be much more PC driven.  Both PS4 and the next Xbox are made up using  PC architecture. Meaning it will be very easy and useful for the developers to develop games.

“I think the next generation of consoles are definitely going to be much more a mix of the top developers, they’re going to be much more PC driven this time around,” said by  Yerli.

He also commented on the PC developers too. He said PC architecture developers will be more comfortable and benefit  third-party games.

“In fact, I believe – oh I can’t talk more about that. Let’s say this: PC developers will be much more comfortable than last-gen console developers. Last gen, the move from PS2 to PS3, or Xbox to the Xbox 360, for many developers was back-breaking.”