PS4 Sales Data for Spain Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed the sales data of  PlayStation 4 in Spain.  The PlayStation 4 has sold 80,000 units in Spain alone since its launch on November 29.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s  James Armstrong also revealed that PS4 is beating the Xbox One by the ratio of  3.5 to 1 units.

Sony has sold 2.1 million PS4 units sold worldwide since its release on November 15. By now we believe it has managed to move a lot more. We will keep you updated with latest sales number as soon as it’s in.

Armstrong stated:

We launched the machine on November 29 and last night we had sold 80,000 units in Spain consumer sales.’s Still pending to collect between 12,000 and 15,000 presales,” says the head of the house Playstation in Spanish territory.

We’re selling at a rate in comparison with competitors from 3.5 to 1. About twelve days of sales and them maybe 18 or 19 days of sales.