PS4 light bar interact to your mood when gaming in the dark

The PS4 Dualshock 4 controller  first revealed last month during a press conference by  Sony. The DualShock 4 controller provide a tons of great new features. The light bar was the most questionable one.

Senior VP Sony World Wide Studios, Scott Rohde commented on the PS4 controllers  light bar how it will interact to the users.

“A lot of gamers, myself included, like to play in some dimly lit rooms. And when you’re playing a game and the whole area around you changes color slightly based on what that light bar is doing, it’s not something you’re staring at and your expecting, but it changes your mood and it changes the way you feel when, whatever it is, when you fire a button, when you step into an area where you are in a cold blue area – think about Journey. You’re in a cold blue area, and then you move into more of an orangey earth tone – a warm area. And that controller is coming with you.

When the whole room around you is sort of suddenly changing from the blues and greens into the oranges and yellows, you might not really even know what’s happening, but your whole sense of immersion is definitely greater. It’s a really good thing. I get really excited about that color bar.”

via PlayStation Blogcast