PS4 Is “Powerful Enough To Blow Your Pants off”

Harry Krueger, Lead Programmer of RESOGUN informed Gamingbolt some new details regarding Sony’s upcoming platform,the PlayStation 4.

With PlayStation 4 only 2 months away from its release, Developers praise the PS4’s architecture and power and believe Sony’s the perfect opportunity for them.

RESOGUN’s one of the few indies developer to influence Sony with games like Dead Nation and Super Stardust Delta. However, they informed us the differences between the PS3 and the PS4.

The PS4 claims to be one of the most powerful console and it is powerful enough to blow your pants off, according to Kruger.

“We have worked on many platforms in the past. On development side the two are not all that different; only instead of hard-to-program SPUs that require assembly-level programming if you want to extract the full potential, we have compute shaders that are easy to program and most of the cumbersome scaffolding is now in the GPU hardware. One difference is that when things go wrong, PS3 GPU crashes but PS4 GPU hangs [note: you just read some coder humor].

“As for power, anyone can look up the figures on paper. It is powerful enough to blow your pants off.”

The PlayStation 4 will launch in North America on November 15th and in Europe on November 29th while it will be available in Japan February 22nd next year.