PS4 Information on Yellow Light of Death

The retail version of the PS4 has recently been approved for sale by the FCC, which means it is definitely going to be available for the American consumers.

It has been reported by Engadget, the “max clock frequency” of the PS4 power will be at 2.75GHz.

In the current PS3, the console is supposed run at an average temperature of 45 and 55 degrees Celsius. If the console gets any higher than the 60 degree mark, the user will experience the horrifying Yellow Light of Death, which basically turns your PS3 as useless as a brick.


Of course the PS4 will be better because it should be running much cooler than the PS3 at a temperature between 5 to 35 degrees Celsius. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the next-gen console will never get the Yellow light, but that the user should feel better knowing that it won’t overheat as bad.

Another thing about the PS4 is that it will weigh at 2.8kg, which is much less than the bulky 5kg PS3.

We are pretty excited to hear that we can play our next-gen console any day of the year, and not worry about it overheating. Comment your response below.