PS4 five facts in a cool stop-frame teardown video

We’ve got a new video for you to show-off to your friends, on how amazing is your latest PlayStation 4 and also to get to know some interesting details about it. Vsauce3 is the educational Youtube channel which posted this teardown video showcasing five amazing facts of PlayStation 4 in a cool stop-frame manner.

This Sony powerhouse machine being taken apart also makes us acknowledge how advanced is the engineering team, who designed the PS4 and made it so portable and light weighted.  Also Vsauce includes some different perspectives in the video, like how much was Sony earning per second during the record smashing first 24 hours sales of PS4.

Check out the 5 Awesome PlayStation 4 Facts video below:

YouTube video

Also, to make you go on a nostalgic trip, here is another video of the original PlayStation with its six awesome facts:

YouTube video

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