PS4 Beats Xbox One in Global Launch Coverage

Asia’s Tech giant Sony has shown robust logistics against its competition to propel sales and make PlayStation 4 available early in maximum markets worldwide, after it’s American and European launch.

Sony has now confirmed that in terms of market coverage worldwide, PS4 has reached a number close to the coveted half-century milestone, with 48 countries now enjoying the availability of the powerful next-gen console.

This includes 16 new countries in which PS4 launches today. The list is as follows:

Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, South Africa, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton assured in the PS blog that the next-gen console will arrive in even more countries by the end of 2013 and a few left will see the console launch in 2014. Dutton said. “If you’re still waiting, thank you so much for your patience, we are doing our upmost to ensure availability in your region as soon as possible,”

In contrast, the Microsoft’s flagship console, Xbox One is released in only 13 countries worldwide.

Looks like Sony is leading ahead and has managed to secure the limelight for the next-gen console launch party celebrated by gamers worldwide.

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