PS4′s GPU Makes It The Most Powerful Console In The World

Gamingbolt recently had the opportunity to speak to Witch Beam designer Sanatana Mishra regarding  how powerful the PS4 is.

Gaijin Entertainment previously claimed the PS4’s GPU is 40% more powerful than the Xbox One. They claims that the PS4 power its undeniable. The PS4  GPU  power is phenomenal , it will make it the most powerful console in the world.

“From a pure tech perspective it’s undeniable that the PS4 GPU will make it the most powerful console in the world and for us that means we can turn on every visual flourish we want while keeping a smooth & responsive 60fps. We’re focused on every version running at 60fps including Vita, frame rate is king.”

Designer  Sanatana Mishra is also working on a tittle for the PS4, Assault Android Cactus. Down below they provided  some answers regarding   what special abilities and skills you will have on the game.

“There will be a roster of 8 playable androids, 4 of which have to be unlocked throughout the campaign. Each one has a unique primary & secondary weapon that create their play style, and we’re considering other stat changes to separate them even further.”

 Assault Android Cactus’s slated for an early 2014 release.