PS3 Headsets will work on the PS4

At the San Diego Comic Con, a Sony representative has confirmed that the wireless headsets from the PS3 will be compatible with the PS4.

It has already been confirmed that each PS4 purchase, will come with it’s own mono earbud headset. Whereas Microsoft has already acknowledged that their Xbox One consoles will ┬ánot come with the headset, but they will all include the Kinect which has a mic built in it. The headsets from the Xbox 360 will not work on the Xbox One because the port for the headset jack will be different from the generation before.

The PS4 was at this weeks San Diego Comic Con, where fans got a chance to play on the upcoming console. The PS4 is $399, confirmed to be release in November.

This wasn’t really something that I ever thought about, but it was pretty interesting to find out.

What do you fans think of this news?