PS3 Games Will Stream On PS4 In 2014 For US Only

The ability to stream games via Cloud is going to be an important selling point for the PS4, but when can gamers expect to enjoy it?

According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan, it really depends on where gamers live and what they want to stream, as he shared during an interview with Gamereactor.

Jim Ryan’s statement: “It’s gonna be pretty much a phased approach, and it’s gonna be phased in terms of geography and in terms of how we’ll do it. We’ll launch in North America in 2014. We are working to bring that service to other parts of the world, and most notably Europe, but you know, Europe is…I love Europe…It’s a great place to live, and it’s so different…You know, Scandinavia is different to Italy [and] to France.

“And everything is different to the UK, but that difference makes it great to live there. It makes it rather difficult to do stuff like introducing a Cloud gaming service, because it’s just very fragmented. So there’s a lot of details to work through, and we are in the the process of doing that. But we don’t have a timeline for introduction outside North America.

“We will start with the streaming of PS3 games to both PS3 and PS4, and that will quickly be followed by PlayStation Vita as a client device”

Ryan also specified that streaming PS4 content is not off the menu but won’t come immediately.

“That’s also on the road map, but we’ll start with PS3 and then quickly it’ll migrate to content from other platforms.”