PS Vita sales 2.5 times more than same time last year in Japan

PS Vita, which was previously considered by many as a failure, is now emerging and marching towards success in Japan. The sales number by the Japanese market research company Media Create reveal that Sony has sold 2.5 times more PS Vita units till now this year compared to the same time last year.

During the first four weeks of 2013, the Japanese Vita sales number counted to 63,181 units. Compared to this, Sony has sold 157,669 units of Vita in first four weeks of 2014. With the launch of PlayStation 4 still pending in Japan, it does come as a surprise as to what is the cause of this improvement in sales of Vita.  Firstly is the launch of brand new PS Vita slim with improved battery life and most importantly its size and price reduction. Also one more reason is the quality software which includes Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster and God Eater 2 that was launched at the end of 2013.

To add to this, 2014 will also continue to be a strong year for the PS Vita. New exciting games are set to release in Japan such as Hatsune Project Diva F 2nd, Love Live!, School Idol Paradise, Freedom Wars, Phantasy Star Nova, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Monster Hunter: Frontier G, the list goes on!

Lets not forget the launch of PS4 in Japan will bring the Remote Play feature on the PS Vita, making it even more attractive option for gamers. Do you plan on buying the PS Vita Slim or if you already own an original PS Vita, do you plan on upgrading?