Professional Gamers Who Are Worse than You Are

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Avalon – League of Legends

Word has it that Avalon was admitted into Winter Foxes only because he was Helios’s brother, his value as a pro player being close to none, the fact that he was replaced with another player after only 3 weeks since his admission into the team being an indicator of the fact that he was not such a skilled top laner after all. Even though professional eSports are known for creating a lot of rumors, some of them turn out to be worse than we imagined.

bOne7 – Dota 2

Bone7 is often regarded as a Dota 2 offlane player who has low mechanical skill and lacks awareness when he is engaged in a heated teamfight. We can’t say that we are surprised by these facts since the player himself admitted to having nightmares the night before important matches, which means that he is often stressed and unable to control his emotions and these things can be seen in the horrible way he plays the game.

Pashabiceps – CS:GO

Being part of a top-tier team, Pashabiceps has a really low ͞kill to death͟ ratio, an aspect that doesn’t make him look that good when you think about the fact that he is such a popular CS:GO player. Maybe he should have resorted to playing video games only on stream and forget about his professional career that, even though might seem like it’s flourishing, it is not as genuine as many would think. Pashabiceps is one of the most popular gamers in the world but he is not quite as godlike as he’d like to be.