Possible PlayStation 4 UK Release Dates

There have been recent reports by BT Games about the major Retailer Toys ‘R’ Us, suppressing the fact that they know the PS4 release date for the UK.

A representative of the company once mentioned that they were given information on the PS4 release date by the “direct” suppliers themselves.

Apparently the release date that was deemed “accurate” was set on December 13th, but now they are claiming the information to be some kind of mix-up.

A representative of Sony said, “The release date is not provided by Sony, but is an estimated date required by our system to allow us to take pre-orders,”

It has already been announced that the PS4 will launch in North America and Europe this year, but the company has not spared much details. Many are expecting the launch date to be announced at this month’s Gamescom, where we already know Sony is planning to reveal a ton of new games there.

When do you think the PS4 launch date will be? Comment below.