Pokimane Has A Secret Twitter Group Just For Fans

Imane “Pokimane” Anys has a secret Twitter group for her biggest fans, which has been dubbed “PokiTwt”.

Poki said she wanted to create a community free from the haters and trolls that typically harass her online. Anyone who follows Poki will know how often she is targeted by people with bad intentions, and so this group seems like a good way to keep them away.

She said the group is “the best thing that’s happened” to her in 2022. “It’s called PokiTwt and it’s just all these cute community members posting cute sh*t.

Pokimane flees from two men after being harassed in public - Dexerto

Not So Secret Anymore?

Obviously, it’s not really a secret anymore now that she’s publicly talked about it. However, it does have a set of rules enforced by mods so hopefully that will keep harassment and other negative things out.

Poki continued by saying “It’s really nice because I’ve always wanted a way to build a community of people on Twitter that doesn’t constantly get invaded by a**holes. I feel like this is finally the way how, because I don’t want to private my account.

As someone who has dealt with harassment before, it definitely sucks that the best way to keep it out is by going private. Hopefully these kinds of groups will continue to be a safe place where people can hang out without having to worry about bad people ruining everything.


Have you ever been a part of a Twitter group? Let us know on social media.

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[Featured Image Credit: Pokimane]