Pokémon Go addict stabbed while playing and then did something shocking

People are doing ridiculous things while trying to catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO. We have come across various such reports in the past week from a man ignoring his wife’s childbirth to ramming car into a tree while playing the game.

A couple of days ago, another Pokémon GO addict went on to risk his life for the love of the game. Michael Baker, a 21-year-old resident of Forest Grove in Oregon, is such an addict of the augmented reality game that he went on catching Pokémon even after being stabbed.

source: www.imore.com
source: www.imore.com

The incident happened at around 1 am, while Baker was catching Pokémon in Forest Grove. He then met a stranger whom he asked if he was was playing Pokémon Go too. Baker even went on to ask if the stranger would battle him which resulted in the stranger stabbing in his shoulder.

Speaking to FOX 12, Baker said, “I saw him go by and asked if he was playing Pokémon GO. He was like ‘what?’. I guess he wanted to battle because he came up at me with a knife.”

Following the incident, Baker didn’t go to the hospital and kept catching Pokémon.

“Right after I was stabbed, I continued my mission to Plaid Pantry for my mission for chips and beer,” he said.

He added, “I basically risked my life.”

Image: FOX12
Image: FOX12

According to local police, Baker had reported of getting stabbed but refused to take any medical treatment because it would stop him from catching PokémonPolice have also not disclosed any details about the attacker and haven’t arrested anyone yet.

Michael Baker had his medical treatment done later and received eight stitches in his shoulder.