Poke Radar Shows You Where to Find and Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Image: Indian Express

Are you tired of catching the same Pokemon over and over again in Pokemon Go? If you’re an iPhone user, we have some good news in this regard. Poke Radar, an iPhone app, has been built to assist you in finding different Pokemon to add to your collection.


The map, which will allow you to search for rare Pokemon from all over the world, has been created by developers Nick DiVona and Braydon Batungbacal. Poke Radar also gives you an option to set the search for a particular type of Pokemon and find out where it is found.

As the map is powered by the Pokemon Go community, some trolls can mislead the users by dropping rare Pokemon all over the map.


However, if you take certain precautions you could easily stay away from falling for their tricks. All you will need to do is to look who posted it and how many other trainers found the information helpful. The author who have low ratings and always posts tips which are hard to believe is definitely a troll.


Poke Radar can be used both in the browser or installed as an app. The iPhone app can be downloaded from the iOS store. The android version of the Poke Radar is currently under works and will be released soon.

Let us know if this app helps you in finding Pokemon you’re looking for below.