PlayStation Plus Game Pass Equivalent Could Be Coming Soon

A PlayStation Plus Game Pass equivalent could be coming to the console soon, according to reports. Xbox have seen massive success with the Xbox Game Pass. It allows players to have access to a large library of games for a relatively cheap fee. Many see it as the main reason to play on Xbox currently. … Read more

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is finally out in the wild for players to enjoy with thousands of players continuing Aloy’s journey. This massive open world adventure shares plenty of similarities with the last game, Zero Dawn, but it does plenty to bring new ideas to the table too. As such, even experienced players might need a … Read more

Horizon Forbidden West Is Getting Its Own Tallneck LEGO Set

LEGO has announced a brand new kit that’s themed on the Tallneck’s from Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West – and they’re releasing soon! If there’s one thing that games love more than playing video games, it’s building LEGO figurines based on their favourite worlds. Sadly, PlayStation fans haven’t had much to be excited about … Read more

Destiny 2 Bungie

What Does Sony Buying Bungie Mean For Destiny 2?

Sony has purchased Bungie for $3.6 billion, but what does this acquisition mean for the future of Destiny 2? Microsoft made a huge move this year when they purchased Activision Blizzard. But Sony has fired back in 2022’s acquisition war, buying up the studio that once owned and created Halo, Microsoft’s most iconic game franchise. … Read more

PS5 Xbox Series

Analyst Predicts PS5 Will Outsell Xbox Series X By Double In 2022

An industry analyst has predicted that the PS5 is all set to outsell the Xbox Series X|S in 2022 at a ratio of 2:1. The battle between the two consoles is raging on as both Sony and Microsoft try to push their new machines to consumers. With the global super conductor shortage halting production, both … Read more

Will Activision Games Still Launch On PlayStation?

In what is perhaps the biggest gaming news in years, Microsoft is purchasing Activision Blizzard – but will Activision games still launch on PlayStation? Microsoft has been making massive moves by purchasing some of gaming’s biggest publishers, like Bethesda and now Activision Blizzard. After arguably falling behind Sony in the Xbox One/PS4 generation, they’re clearly … Read more

Apple TV+ Is Free For PS5 Owners – Here’s How

Apple is offering a massive six-month free trial of its Apple TV+ streaming service to people who own a PlayStation 5 console. Apple TV+ is the tech giant’s answer to the Netflix and Amazon Prime services of the world. Most of the company’s hardware comes with a trial. However, if you’ve not bought a new … Read more