PSG: Pre-E3 Day 1

We are happy to announce E3 is almost here and we are presenting our own pre-E3 count down. We are going to be posting each day of what we want to see, what the fans want to see, and any news regarding to the upcoming event. PlayStation Gang’s very own Samantha Earwood and Charly Junior will be at the live event getting the latest scoop on all things gaming while Debabrata Nath, Saurav Das, and Magadala See will be keeping the site updated by writing every last detail of what is happening, so be here when you want the best news from the event.

What we are most excited about is the unveiling of the PS4, is it going to look like what we expected? Of course we want to know how it looks like, will it be more impressive than the Xbox One’s [VHS] design? The price of what the PS4 going to be is going to be a deal breaker for many next-gen console shoppers considering it was a problem for the PS3 because of the pretty hefty ticket price.

We are also curious about what Microsoft have up their sleeves, considering they have upset their fans with the “always online #dealwithit” comment by their now ex-employee and showing viewers of their recent unveiling conference that their Xbox One is more of an entertainment system rather than a gaming console.

These two companies are going to go head to head at E3 and we will be there every step of the way. Not only is it going to be about the heated battle but also the most important asset of every console, the games. We want to know what games are coming up and why we should we buy it. The most important part is that we are doing this for you, the readers. We want you guys to be involved in what we do as well, so we are giving the opportunity to let yourself be noticed in our E3 articles.

We want you to comment in any of the E3 articles about anything E3! It can be what you expect from the event, what you want to happen there, your opinion on the consoles, anything gaming anything E3 please post in the comments below. The more creative and in depth your comments are the better because we will be reading through them and will be posting the best in every upcoming article to answer your comments/questions. It is a wonderful opportunity to be interacting with our fellow fans so please comment away!

Press conference times are in the schedule below: