PlayStation 5 stock is increasing as shortages ease

Sony’s PlayStation 5 stock will be more readily available soon as shipments start to increase, meaning more people can get their hands on a console.

As reported by PlayStation Universe, PS5 shipments will see a boost in the second half of 2022. This is due to an increase in chips which are used to make the consoles.

Previously, a shortage of chips meant that many tech industries were light on new products to sell. Now it seems like consoles will be a bit easier to find going into the second half of the year. This should also continue into 2023.

Credit: Sony

PlayStation 5 Returns to Shelves

Hopefully this means we won’t have to constantly keep an eye on stock in order to get our own consoles. Finding a PS5 was a herculean task sometimes, so it’s nice to know that won’t necessarily be the case soon. Sony is projecting that the PS5 will overtake PS4 sales in 2024, and this easing of shortages should go a long way to meet that goal.

And with a lot more titles on the horizon, the PS5 will only be getting more tempting over time. Upcoming big games include God of War: Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI and the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Credit: Sony

In other PlayStation news, a Chinese tech company has claimed that the PS5 Pro will launch in 2023. The company, TCL Technology, said a new Xbox and the PS5 Pro may come next year.

Obviously we should take this with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed by Sony. Reports have suggested that a new console is on the way, but until Sony announces something we can’t know for sure.

As for what the PS5 Pro can bring to the table, a report claimed it would have double the performance of a standard PS5.

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Credit: PlayStation Universe