PlayStation 4 Will Need a Day One Patch

The PlayStation 4 will require a day one patch to add a number of features to the console at launch. For instance, out of the box the console does not include the ability to go into sleep mode.

Update 1.50 is around 300 MB and will add the following features:

Remote Play using the PlayStation Vita

  • Second screen gaming using the PS4 Link app for PlayStation Vita and mobile
  • The ability to record and share screenshots and video
  • The ability to play games as they are downloading
  • The ability for four users to log into the PS4 simultaneously
  • Party chat
  • Facial recognition and voice commands
  • A background music player
  • Online multiplayer through PlayStation Plus
  • Blu-ray disc and DVD player capabilities

In addition, the update will add suspend/resume mode. This will allow players to set the console in a low-power sleep state and allow users to jump back in upon resuming use.

This is a lot of features that the PlayStation 4 had been advertised on and for users who may not have an internet connection due to their location the ability not to pay Blu-ray or DVDs in particular seems like a real deal killer. Check and make sure you can update the PlayStation 4 if you plan on getting one before hand.

Shuhei Yoshida confirmed over Twitter that you will be able to download the update in the background while you play a game.

The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe.

(via Polygon)