PlayStation 4 Will Be First and Foremost a Game Console

As E3 is creeping closer, both Sony and Microsoft are competing head on to be the best next-gen console. Xbox One’s marketing is portraying their console as an All-In-One Entertainment with voice command to change channels, skyping while watching shows, and numerous amounts of apps, rather than focusing on making a gaming console. At the AllThingsD D11 Conference, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai stresses on how committed the PS4 is going to appeal towards gamers.

Hirai says, “The most important thing we need to make sure we do, at least initially, is that we all agree and understand that the PS4 is a great video game console that appeals to video gamers… If we miss that part than I don’t think we get the initial establishment of the console.”

Of course the PS4 will have non-game applications and entertainment apps. “But that’s after we establish the platform as a video game platform. We want to make sure that we are there for the gamers with our PS4 as well.” Sony wants to make sure users get the best gaming experience, and then they will add on the extra goods after they’ve work on the real objective of the gaming console.

“We take a look at this first and foremost as a game console,” Hirai said. “We don’t want to end there. That’s an area we will obviously reveal and talk about in the coming months.”

Hirai ends by saying, “For us, it’s all about the gamers.”

Summing up all of Hirai’s comments, PS4 is aiming towards a more game-specific audience, and the upcoming console will have many other uses as well. Do you like the idea of Sony targeting for a better gaming experience?