PlayStation 4 Will Be First and Foremost a Game Console

As E3 is creeping closer, both Sony and Microsoft are competing head on to be the best next-gen console. Xbox One’s marketing is portraying their console as an All-In-One Entertainment with voice command to change channels, skyping while watching shows, and numerous amounts of apps, rather than focusing on making a gaming console. At the … Read more

Kaz Hirai explains why the PS4 ‘console’ itself wasn’t shown

Sony PlayStation unveiled its next generation console last month  and it was a huge success for  them. During the presentation Sony revealed the PS4 impressive specs, and its phenomenal graphics along side with the new  PS4  controller, which known as Dualshock 4. But one thing everyone was looking forward to, it’s the PlayStation 4 itself, but sadly the company didn’t revealed it for … Read more

Kaz Hirai wants PlayStation to be the number one in the industry

Newly appointed Sony boss Kaz Hirai is pretty clear about what he wants to do with PlayStation – take it to the number one spot in the industry. He said that Sony can improve in the games business, Sony’s digital imaging business and its mobile segment. He feels these three areas the main ones the … Read more