PlayStation 4 2.0 “Masamune” Update Releases October 28th

The PlayStation 4 is about to hit a major update, so much so that there is a nickname to the update. Officially bringing to the console to v2.00, the update has been dubbed as “Masamune” and it will bring a number of updates and features. Find out just what all the PlayStation 4 2.0 update will bring before it releases on October 28th.

Sony’s upcoming update will be a major one for the PlayStation 4. Included in the update is both YouTube Sharing and Share Play, a feature that will allow other PS4 owners to play games with you if they don’t own the game themselves. Also, the 2.0 update will toss in new themes features and the ability to sync up a USB music player so you can make your own soundtracks while you play through your favorite video games.

A few other small updates are also in the works such as tweaking the home screen so that gamers will see the 15 most often used applications or video games. We’re curious, are you interested in the major PS4 update? Let us know in the comment section right down below!