This player spent more than 10 years polishing a theme park in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

So, you tossed up a couple of coasters, a few food stands and thought you were doing pretty good at Rollercoaster Tycoon 2? Think your park is the real deal? Take a seat, youngin’, cos this person has been perfecting their park for more  than a decade, and it’s a beast of an amusement park.

The park has a variety of different themes, and even some high-rise apartment buildings in case you want to stick around for a few years. There’s a Western, or a desert area, a frozen area, and lots more.

The area on the right here is called “Tron”.

And nearby you can see areas called Egypt and the Lost Forest.

Rollercoaster Tycoon still has a cult-like following after all these years. Fans of the game have ported it to an open-source version where they can fix bugs, add new features, and the like.

It’s worth noting that this park was created in a custom scenario where money wasn’t an issue. Having to deal with keeping this park profitable would have been an entirely other can of worms. Think of it more like an art project than an experiment in commerce.

This creation was posted by a reddit user named I-am-Prime, and it contains 255 different shops and various attractions. It has a massive monorail that’s been ridden over a million times, and 34 different coasters.

What’s in this weird box? It’s an indoor roller coaster.