PewDiePie Is About To Have The Most-Liked Diss Track In YouTube History

YouTube’s biggest and most controversial star PewDiePie is officially about to take the top-spot for creating the most-liked diss track on the platform.

Credit: Instagram/Marzia Bisognin

Pewd’s B*tch Lasagna, a parody diss track created by the YouTuber in the subscriber count war against T-Series, has been wrestling with Eminem’s Killshot for the most likes – but it looks like Pewds is set to overtake the rapper.

With over 76 million views, 4.2 million likes and 400k dislikes, it’s overtaken the number of likes for some of the most infamous diss tracks, including Logan Paul’s.

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Over on Reddit’s r/pewdiepiesubmissions forum, one user already believes that Pewds is winning. Redditor TSeriesAintNothing writes: “I honestly love his diss track so much, I’ve listened to it nonstop for hours on end.

“Currently Killshot has 4,272,205 likes and Pewd’s has 4,209,163.

Credit: PewDiePie

“So with your estimation I would count you as right since the likes for b**** lasagna are skyrocketing. Also he has the most liked diss track of any YouTuber since Eminem is technically a rapper and has a career outside of YouTube, it’d be like counting Music or Gaming as having more subs that Felix, although they are both companies. So he does indeed have the most liked diss track of any YouTuber (and in a short time of anyone). ”

Did anyone know that pewds has the most liked diss track in YouTube history? from r/PewdiepieSubmissions

Maybe instead of PewDiePie vs. T-Series we should be looking at PewDiePie vs. Eminem…

Credit: PewDiePie

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