Pewdiepie kicked out of his recording studio due to this outrageous reason

YouTube’s most successful celebrity, PewDiePie, is to be evicted from his apartment, amid neighbors’ complaints of excessive noise and anti-social behavior.

Uploaded on Friday, PewDiePie created a video discussing the events leading up to the eviction notice. The video in question contains footage of his landlord calling him a “faggot,” which PewDiePie further clarified in the following tweet.

It wasn’t long after that he was given an official eviction notice, requiring his departure by the 29th of June. Funnily enough, he actually received a noise complaint after the eviction notice.


Usually, PewDiePie creates his content in a soundproof room, built specially to withstand all his screaming and shouting. Sometimes he’ll need more space, though – like the kitchen, where neighbors’ can hear him just fine.


Speaking about how his landlord handled the situation, he said:

If you’re gonna be a landlord in Brighton, the gay capital of UK, maybe try not be a fuckin’ prejudiced piece of shit, how bout that?

He goes on to say:

Landlord, fuck you. Luckily for us, it’s really easy to move. It’s not a problem. We have the resources, and we can just do it. I imagine for another normal person this would throw them out on the streets.

And seemingly, it was really easy to move. PewDiePie can be seen in his new place at the end of Friday’s video, which you can check out below. He predicts that “so much shitty content is going to be made” there, so fear not, Bro Army.

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