Pete Hines Refusing to Comment on Fallout 4

Vice President and in-charge of public relations for Bethesda, Pete Hines, will not be discussing news related to Fallout 4. The game was recently found itself leaked online with photos showing off the development of the next installment of the Fallout series. However, there’s no proof if these photos are in fact real or not. One person who plain out refuse to comment on the matter is Pete Hines.

Pete Hines has been dodging questions left and right on Twitter the past couple days. Ever since the Fallout 4 photos went up online every fan and source is looking to either confirm that these photos are legitimate or fake.

Though Pete Hines is doing a good job on not commenting on the matter. In fact, there’s plenty of tweets out there from Pete Hines stating that hey will neither confirm no deny if these images are the real deal or not.

Looks like we’re having to wait a bit longer for any type of teaser or announcement on the next Fallout installment. Perhaps we’ll learn something during this year’s E3.