Persona 4: Arena Ultimax Sho Minazuki Trailer

A brand new trailer releases for upcoming video game Persona 4: Arena Ultimax. The new trailer shows off a brand new character, Sho Minazuki. Watch the gameplay trailer and see Show Minazuki in action!

Persona 4: Arena Ultimax picks up right after the events of Persona 4: Arena. Mere days after the events of Persona 4: Arena, the Midnight Channel is back on air showing advertisements for another fighting tournament.

A power outage occurs in Inaba and soon is filled with red fog. Investigation teams quickly start to make sense of the red fog but Junpei Lori becomes trapped within the fog. Figure out the mystery yourself as your play through Persona 4: Arena Ultimax.

Persona 4: Arena Ultimax is set to release in the fall for North America on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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