People are trying to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go by using outrageous methods


Pokemon Go players are trying very hard to find Ditto. They have even tried bizarre methods to catch the Pokemon. After Pokemon Go‘s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con, it seems like Legendary Pokemon will only be released through special events.

The players have now ignored the legendaries and are in search of Ditto to fill up the one missing slot in the Pokedex that currently remains empty. However, no one has been successful in doing that at this point.

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The players of Pokemon Go are sure that Ditto is somewhere around them. According to the past Pokemon games, Ditto has the ability to mimic any other Pokemon. In Pokemon Snap, Ditto was seen disguising as a Bulbasaur.



At SDCC, Niantic announced that Pokemon Go has more Easter Eggs that are yet to be found. Now, the fans believe that Ditto is one of the Easter Eggs and can only be captured by triggering a special action within the game.

Reddit user validproof has also compiled a thread about all the speculations and research made on Ditto.

Up to this point, Pokemon Go users have tried to catch Ditto by:

  • Interacting with the four starter Pokemon
  • Naming Pokemon Ditto
  • Evolving a Pokemon which matches Ditto’s height and weight stats
  • Trying to enter color codes
  • Naming Pikachu based on the smiling faces like Ditto’s
  • Naming Pokemon as Ditto and then evolving them to Ditto’s height and weight
  • Naming and evolving Pokemon connected to Ditto by anime and Pokedex lore

On the other hand, here are some of the current theories which are prevalent among the Pokemon Go trainers about how Ditto can be caught in the wild:

  • Ditto can be disguised as any other Pokemon. The players will be able to identify Ditto by identifying spot errors made in the disguise using the camera. Hearing suspicious sounds, tickling and tapping the suspicious Pokemon during hunting can also yield results. Players also think that taking photos of such suspicious Pokemon can make Ditto drop its disguise and will be available for capture.
  • Ditto may be disguised as a Pikachu. Like the anime series, Ditto can be obtained after renaming a Pikachu with a wrong name.
  • Ditto may be disguised as a rock-type Pokemon or even a stone.
  • Ditto has the chance of being distributed during Mew events. In original Pokemon games, Ditto is found in Cerulean Cave.
  • Ditto may not be found until the Pester Ball is made available.

Source: VG247