Overwatch Reveals that One of the Main Characters is Actually Gay

In a new short story, released very recently, Blizzard has confirmed that another character from the Overwatch universe is actually part of the LGBT community. The first member of the Overwatch cast to be confirmed as part of the LGBT community was of course Tracer. Now we know that a male character is actually gay. Soldier 76, also known as Jack Morrison, has been confirmed as a gay character.

The healing sniper from the game, Ana, finds a wounded Soldier 76 in the Cairo streets. She then takes him back to her hideout and speaks to him (as well as looked after him I assume). She then sees Soldier 76 going through a stack of old photos and one in particular catches her eye. The one that she spotted was an old one of Soldier 76 with a dark-haired man named Vincent. Here is what happens in the short:

“Vincent… I haven’t thought about him in years,” Ana said. “Still keeping a candle lit for him?”
Jack shook his head. “Nothing like that.”
“You’ve never looked in on him? You must have been curious. All the surveillance power in the world. I bet Gabe would have put a Blackwatch agent on him if you asked,” Ana said.
Jack glared at her.
“Okay, touchy subject.”
Jack laughed. “He got married. They’re very happy. I’m happy for him.”

“Vincent deserved a happier life than the one I could give him.” Jack sighed. “We both knew that I could never put anything above my duty. Everything I fought for was to protect people like him… That’s the sacrifice I made.”
“Relationships don’t work out so well for us, do they?” Ana said, unconsciously running her thumb over where her wedding ring used to be.

The lead writer has taken to Twitter to confirm the fact that Soldier 76 is gay as well as Vincent.