The Order: 1886 “We’ve built this IP to be much bigger than just one game”

Ready At Dawn’s creative director shares some insightful details regarding their upcoming most anticipated title,  The Order: 1886.

The game is set  in the 19th Century where a group of  ancient  knights protect the world from a phenomenon threat. These creatures are said to be a combination of humans and animals.

“More than a millennial ago, there was a split in humanity that causes one side to go on as humans and the other side to eventually become half-breeds. The half-breeds start to wage war with the humans for the usual ideas of control, dominion, supremacy and survival. Neither side backs down and an all-out war breaks out between humans and half-breeds. It’s not until the industrial revolution that humans build the weapons capable of taking the war to the half-breeds.”

The technology in this game is far greater and ahead of the protagonists time. This includes thermal imaging, Zeppelins and wireless communications.

“The game is certainly Galahad’s story,” nods Weerasuriya. “It’s viewed from his point of view. There are lots of things happening around him, and one of his roles for us is as a vessel for the player to really understand the story and the world. But you do see the evolution of his character throughout the game and throughout the plot.”

It’s amazing to see Ready At Dawn could manage to bring one coherent as a whole in a single video game. Blending 19th-century fictional storyline with advance weaponry is leading to a fantastic gameplay experience.

“We’ve built this IP to be much bigger than just one game,” Weerasuriya explains. “There are stories that have been told in the game but there are stories that haven’t and stories about what happens after the events of this game. Absolutely, though, I would love to get the chance to tell more stories with sequels and other things we can do with the IP.”

The full interview is available to read here issue 146.

The Order: 1886 is headed exclusively to the PlayStation 4 with an expected release sometime this year.

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