Ninja Gaiden 3 Official Review Details




The latest issue of Xbox Magazine contains a review for Ninja Gaiden 3.  Gamespot has post some details on the game, which are below:

  • QTE’s can be turned off in the options menu, but are frequent throughout the game, from a slow- motion knee slide to slicing through enemies to using the Kunai climb.
  • Playing as Ryu makes you feel like a super hero as he is nearly unstoppable, meaning you won’t die as nearly as much as in previous games.
  • Five difficulty levels: Hero, Normal, Hard, Master Ninja and Ultimate Ninja.
  • Gone is every primary weapon save for Ryu’s single sword (You still have shurikens).
  • No yellow essence currency from killing enemies or opening chests.
  • You are stuck with a non-upgradable sword and Ryu’s health regenerates after each battle, so health restoring items have been excised.
  • Ninpo has become a use it or lose it perk that powers up during each encounter.
  • Limb removal is gone.
  • Campaign is split into eight days and the story runs circles around the other games.
  • Bosses are nowhere near as memorable or numerous as you’d expect from a Ninja Gaiden game.
  • Only one cameo from a Dead or Alive character, Ayane.
  • You can lower the difficulty at any point in the game.
  • Ninja Cinema returns.

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